October 4, 2015

Man, when you take baby steps in the direction of your dreams, the energy lines up fast!!!!  Interviews, speaking engagement, and soon a television interview.  WOW! 


First, I must mention that the art show was a love fest.  I loved every second of it.  I want to thank Rhonda Schaffer for inviting me to be their featured artist at Colorlab.  If you've not checked out Colorlab and live in Rockford, you're missing out.  First of all, it's local make-up all organic and good for your skin.  Second of all, they're internationally recognized and a woman-owned company right here in Rockford.  I do feel a make-over coming on!  Support local businesses. 


Secondly,  the show was everything I hoped it would be.  My friends and family came out to support me for this one night where I put out all  almost all I had created recently...almost all.  I told Rhonda that it was quite the beginning for me as this whole being what I've always wanted is not for the meek or mild.  It takes some guts and lots of self-talk that it doesn't matter what people think.  Okay.  I confided in some people that the first time I showed my pen & inks, it felt like I was hanging on the wall naked and asking everyone to give their opinion.  It was quite a vulnerable experience.  Now......it still is but practice makes perfect.  And I'm building that muscle of "it's all in the name of fun!"







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