My earliest memories involved implementing marks using crayons, pencils, pens or whatever instrument I could find. In the very early days, I confess, it involved graffiti work a few times behind the heavy curtains on the dining room window sills of my grandparents' home.


Creating art has been the way I can get in touch with that wee quiet piece of myself and feel completely content and lost in the moment. It is meditation, irreverence, humor and prayer - simultaneously.  Creating art is my way to get in complete alignment. It fulfills me in ways that almost nothing else can. 

Not long ago I decided to allow myself to chase my dreams... 'chase shiny". That meant sharing my creations with others, to stop judging myself, or more accurately stop allowing fears of what others' might think get in the way.


A defining moment occurred at Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Studio in Chicago while being interviewed on my views of the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It was an idea that came out of the ethers to declare "artist" as who I am on the intake form. It was like a force bigger than myself was holding me accountable to be true to myself. I didn't know if my interview would ever be seen as there were many interviewed and no guarantees, but when the show aired, there I was on OPRAH'S SUPER SOUL SUNDAY giving my two cents worth on the book The Alchemist, the word "artist" under my name.  It seemed a clarion moment. 

 The moment I gave into "chasing shiny" and listening to my instincts, allowing myself to be authentic and seen, the world began opening up in ways I had only dared to dream. I discovered pure magic.


Connection is my intention.  Connecting to self, connecting to life, connecting to Source, connection to all. 





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